Let's save what we've been given!


We love this place, and we are on a mission to protect it. Saving the planet does not happen somewhere far away or by someone else.

 It happens here, now, together.

Our Motto

"Be the change

 that you wish to see in the world"

 Sadly we are not in a super-hero movie and we know that we can’t save the world single-handedly, but we’re committed to keep our promises and do our part, so more people can live in a plastic-free environment and less can live in poverty. 

As we grow, our donation programs grow as well.

 So we encourage you, to put your imaginary cape on,

 brew a cup of tea and fight with us!

Tea always sounds like a good idea and we aim to show the world what good tea actually means. Our goal is to benefit not only our customers, 

but our environment as well as our legacy for the future. 

Muave is an independent “wee” tea company based in Edinburgh, Scotland 

and we utilise high quality ingredients in a colourful packaging,
designed in a way that allows to easily recycle or reuse every component.
We source our tea from well-run 
and sustainable suppliers.

 There’s a reason we don’t see the world in black and white, so we want to live our lives in colour and that inspired us to create such a unique,
bright and colourful design with dash of extravagance. 

Our future plans include:
1. Your favourite tea to become 1% better, by supporting 1% for the planet;

2. Become Certified B corporation by the end of 2021;

3. Change our packaging materials with FSC certified paper;

4. To get A Plastic Free Trust Mark by the end of 2021.

With every purchase from our store, 

we contribute to
Plastic Oceans & United World Schools.

Let's create a wave of change!

Life can be really challenging, and every action we take toward greater peace, happiness and fulfilment deserves acknowledgement.