Only together
we can walk the path 
to a better world


  Life is all about creating meaning. You probably ask yourself, how does one creates meaning? Well, It’s not about what we do for ourselves, but how are we able to improve the lives of everyone around us.

 At Muave, we want to show the world that a for-profit company could have serious impact on our environment. We are all well aware of the damages caused by the plastic pollution and we decided to pick a fight and do more than just talking. 

 We need to stop pollution at its source and because of that we took a closer look at our own supply chain and noticed that we are part of the problem. Because of that we’ll be taking measures in reducing the plastic used in our deliveries and organise our orders in a way that will minimise the fuel consumption and traffic as well. Hopefully in near future will be way to switch to delivery via electric vehicles only.

 We’re in pursuit of meeting our needs without compromising the ability of our future generation to meet their own needs.

Proudly supporting
Plastic Oceans International 

We believe that change comes in waves!


8.3 million tons of plastics are dumped into our oceans yearly. 
Ocean pollution is undeniably one of the most pressing issues of our time. The overwhelming amount of plastic in our waterways is polluting our beaches, choking our wildlife and contaminating our drinking water. 

That's why percentage from every purchase will go directly to
Plastic Oceans International.

Let's turn the tide!

United World Schools
 just another amazing cause we support. 

Why education?
Because every child

"Education can bring permanent
and powerful change." 

Education transform lives. United World Schools works in some of the world poorest regions to give every child to access to free education. Education has the power to lift individuals out of poverty! The impact of education is far-reaching. It opens pathways for children, brings opportunity to communities, and catalyses widespread development. Education has the power to lift individuals out of poverty!

 “No one has ever
become poor by giving”

- Anne Frank