Aromatic. Cozy. Relaxing. 

45g [22 cups]

Starting From 23p/Cup

  • Steep 3 - 5 mins at 100°C

  • Contains High level of caffeine

  • Best way to enjoy it is simply on its own, 
    or with milk. It's your choice!
  • May contain traces of nuts!

 A zesty modern twist, on a classic afternoon favorite tea with a hint of cream.The blend between the savory Orange, citrusy Bergamot and delicate Lavender brings a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to every home. 

The perfect definition of the essence of post-modern classic taste is
hidden in Muave Purple Gray.


Black Tea, Orange, Lavender, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Natural Bergamot Flavour And Natural Creme Flavour

+ Rich on Antioxidants

+ Boosting Hearth Health

+ Lowering the "Bad" Cholesterol

+ Improving Gut Health & Boosts Up Your Immune System

+ Soothes Away Nausea

+ Improves Focus & Mood Disorders

+ Helps Reducing the Risk of Cancer

+ Helps Lowering the Blood Sugar Levels

Note: We carefully select each ingredient based on its benefits to come up with the right combination perfect for different conditions and situations. All our ingredients are 100% natural and are blended together to bring out bursts of flavor and amazing tastes.

4 Steps to the perfect cuppa


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Muave - In Love with the Coco Loose Leaf Tea | Par-tea, anyone? Dopamine boosting aroma combined with the light complexity of coconut taste. Note: Black teas do carry a stimulant(caffeine), so if you’re looking for legal solution to stay up all night, you’re welcome.
Muave - Samurai Reincarnation Loose Leaf Tea | Embark on a journey towards adventure - regardless if it’s thunders and lightnings over heavy seas or important day at work. Muave Samurai Reincarnation captures the power and spirit of the masters of Bushido, a symbol of undeniable perseverance.
Muave - Chai-life Loose Leaf Tea | You probably already know that in India, Chai simply means “tea”, but over there Chai is way more than just the word for “tea”, It’s a way of life, it is also a staple of all Indian homes. A cup of chai from a Chai-Walla is just enough to refresh your senses.