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The science of true flavour and unique loose leaf tea. Yummy tea blends with layered flavours for your siping pleasure, with uncompromising commitment to bring you only the highest quality premium tea to enjoy as an everyday luxury. Come and discover the indulgent, luxurious and playful world of tea with us.

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Giving Back

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At Muave we don't just sell tea

6% of our revenue will be donated to United World Schools & Plastic Ocean International with the help of our partners from

What we care about


Every child has the right to free, accessible and quality education. We want to see a world where all children enjoy that right.


Ending plastic waste is achievable through innovative and impactful solutions, deployed at-scale whilst partnering with communities around the world. 

Classroom of Aspiration

In just 12 years, United World Schools built 250 schools, trained 1,200 teachers and reached over 43,000 children in Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar with a life-changing education. With your help we can pump those numbers.

Rethink. Refill. Reuse

We have launched new Refill Pouches to encourage all our customers to refill and reuse the glass jars they love so much in order to reduce CO2 Footprint.

Only The Freshest Tea Leaves Make It To Muave


Growing Conditions

Our tea is grown on tea plantations in tropical and subtropical regions  mainly in South East Asia.



The leaves are generally harvested three times a year with the first flush producing the highest quality


Put In Refining

After being harvested, the highest quality leaves are then quickly heated and dried to prevent too much oxidation.



Finally, our tea will be put in easily recyclable  or reusable packaging before being delivered to you.

Tea in a good company

Wisdom for Resilience

Browse our collection of life enhancing books to lead a more fulfilled life. Built to help you find calm, self-understanding & resilience.

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