Meet the squad

Meet Muave sales team - aka the quota crushers.


AKA The Quota Crusher, he will offer you tea and cake in meetings, that's why people like him. 

Favourite Tea: Purple Gray

Favourite Cake: Black Forest

Meet Muave photography team - aka lens queens


AKA Lens Queen, with hers limitless ideas, they go beyond imaginable. Her favourite phrase is - "Don't Blink"

Favourite Tea: Hello Peachy!

Favourite Cake: Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Meet Muave customer service team - aka the screen team


AKA The Screen Team, act as a vital bridge between our sales team, customers and partners ensuring things go smoothly all around. 

Favourite Tea: Stress Buster

Favourite Cake: Fruitcake

Meet Muave Media team - aka the concept squad


AKA The Adventurer, always exploring new horizons. 

Favourite Tea: Matcha

Favourite Cake: Carrot & Walnut Cake

Meet Muave Export team - aka the adventurers


AKA The Concept Squad - They put ideas together and their work is their art.

Favourite Tea: Chai-Life

Favourite Cake: Cupcake

Meet Muave Production Team - aka


The heart of Muave, he is  responsible for all amazing loose leaf tea we offer

Favourite Tea: Samurai Reincarnation

Favourite Cake: Cinnamon Tea Cake

We break the rules 



We promise to always push ourselves to offer the best tea possible, again and again.


We live by philosophy, a principal, really. We believe that if we could do good things for other people, we have a moral obligation to do those things. 
Not choice. Responsibility. 


Discovering the perfect blends you can truly enjoy didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of hard work (and a lot of tea drinking) to bring the smoothest, richest and deepest flavours to your home.


Nothing we do is random, but we leave room for inspiration.

Muave provides  quality loose leaf teas at all times with no exeption.


We have commitment and passion to deliver unmatched, exceptional quality. 

We don't own any tea gardens, meaning that we can always choose the best suppliers.

Muave Elegance in Loose Leaf Tea - Soul Sustaining.


Muave puts the "Good" in 

Good Morning.


The beauty of Muave is characterised by minimalism and intuitiveness while preserving grace and deliciousness.

Focus on living not wasting...

"Our society has become extremely depended on single use plastic, that we are now drowning in it. Meanwhile many people are aware of the problem and are changing their habits. But if we want to avoid to have more plastic in our Oceans than fish, we also need to start thinking of ways to replace plastic in our daily lives."


I .& K.